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Smooth swimming coaches seek partners for fast athletic fun. Great times and fast strokes guaranteed.

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A very warm welcome to Swim Smooth from Paul Newsome and the rest of the Swim Smooth team!

Swim Smooth is an innovative swimming coaching company devoted to all levels of swimmers and triathletes. Whether you're a beginner who'd like to learn freestyle, an intermediate triathlete who wants to develop their stroke technique or an advanced swimmer looking to excel further, Swim Smooth is for you.

Sadly we can't be standing on everyone's poolside helping them with their swimming. Instead we've worked long and hard developing our products to deliver high quality swimming know-how directly to swimmers around the world.

Our over-riding goal is to raise the standard of swimming coaching and the level of knowledge available to amateur swimmers and triathletes around the world. Here at Swim Smooth we just say: 'The World Needs Better Swimming'.

With this objective in mind we host a Coaches Network. If you are a coach or prospective coach then find out more about this exciting way of sharing knowledge and experiences for everyone's benefit.

Ceinwen is 1.60m (5' 3"). Andy is 2m (6' 7"). Ceinwen's 400m PB is 4:55, Andy's 9:40.
We are all different, and when we swim we are different again.

Swim Smooth's Coaching Philosophy is...

...For Individuals

We don't coach a 'One Way Only' approach to swimming. Your ideal stroke technique is different from another person's. We identify your individual needs and how best to develop and improve your stroke to suit you. We will do this for you whatever your experience, whatever your skill level, whatever your body type.

...Technique AND Training

We believe that technique stroke work is very important to your swim speed. But we also believe that most swimmers need to include fitness training to improve. Why? It's a harsh reality. If you only work on technique you'll improve but then hit a plateau. The swimmers who keep improving and become faster and faster strike the right balance of fitness and technique training. Our products show you how.

...About Cause And Effect

Our coaching philosophy is based around a simple but very powerful principle: Cause And Effect.

Get to the bottom of your stroke issues and everything will start to fall into place.

Every problem with your stroke has an underlying cause. Very often this is another aspect of your stroke which you are not aware of because it seems to be unrelated. For instance, problems taking on water when you breathe are often caused by your stroke timing, not your breathing itself. Kicking too hard and burning a lot of energy (and oxygen) is normally caused by a poor catch and feel at the front of your stroke.

You've probably been told so many things about how to swim well and what you're doing wrong in your stroke. We'll cut out the clutter and get your focused on the root of your stroke technique issues. When you do that everything will start to fall into place. Simple. Straightforward.

You can find out more about this coaching principle on the DVD Boxset Page.

Coach Or Technical Swimmer?

If you would like to find out more about our approach to the more controversial aspects of swimming technique, check out article 10 Contentious Issues In Swimming.

Our Blog: Feel For The Water

As well as all the free advice on this site, we'd like to send you even more! If that's of interest to you, then please sign up for our Blog, it's called Feel For The Water.

We'll send you hints and tips to improve your swimming further and regularly share some great training sessions with you. We call the training sessions our Virtual Swim Squad - you can try the sessions and share how you got on with other "Smoothies" on the Swim Smooth Forum.

Through the Blog we'll also announce new Swim Smooth Clinic dates - be the first to know.

One other incentive - as a thank you gift for signing up you'll receive a link to download the very cool Mr Smooth Console! Learn more about an ideal freestyle stroke using this amazing swimming animation.

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OK, Where Do I Start?

The Know-How area of this site is split by swimmer ability from beginner to advanced to make things more focused for you. Use the novice, intermediate and advanced starting pages. We also have a section for coaches - which makes great reading for more technically minded swimmers too.

Swim Smooth Terms and Conditions


Oh boy, do we have a lot to offer you!

We're competitive triathletes and open water swimmers ourselves, so we know all about the differences between the pool and open water.

That's why all of our stroke correction, training programs and DVDs have been developed with open water racing in mind.


Perhaps you're looking to build up your swimming and your confidence for your first big season of racing Sprint, Olympic or even Ironman distance?


Or maybe you've improved your swimming but got stuck, not knowing how to improve it further?

If this is you, you're in the right place. We offer a world class swimming coaching program for triathletes around the world.


Our methods don't improve you a bit and leave you at an intermediate level.

The coaching evolves as you become faster to take you onwards and upwards to the front of your age group.

And if you have the talent and commitment, into the elite ranks.