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Advanced Swimmers Start Here

think you've reached your swimming potential? think again!

By "Advanced Swimmer" we mean you can swim sub 6 minutes for 400m. Quite likely you have a swimming background or have worked hard on your swimming. In the wrong place? Visit our Intermediate Swimmers Starting Page or our Beginners Starting Page.

Most swimming companies focus on intermediate swimmers only. Not Swim Smooth. We coach and advise the whole spectrum of swimmers. This includes you guys. Our key message to you - you can always be faster:


The freestyle stroke.
Meet Mr Smooth and get the lowdown on what a great freestyle stroke technique looks like. Also see our presentation on Mr Smooth's stroke for advanced swimmers.

See a Certified Swim Smooth Coach in the UK - specialists in improving your stroke with advanced video analysis and stroke correction.

Swim Smooth's famous Training Plans. Special challenges for advanced swimmers!

You're a good swimmer, become great: You Can Always Be Faster.

You may be amazed how badly you exhale and how much easier your swimming could feel.

Talking of breathing technique, if you don't breathe bilaterally, you are probably throwing away speed.

Tune into your core and posture and swim even faster.

Kicking. You're not really looking for propulsion. Oh!

Some Secrets Of How To Train. Shhh!

Triathlon and Open Water swimming. Tips to get the best out of yourself in races.

Rhythm and Timing - the forgotten secret of swimming technique.

The Catch. The latest thinking on how to improve your feel for the water.

All about shoulder injury and how to fix it. Don't miss out on critical training through injury.

Like a bit of background theory? If so, check out our How We Learn article. Great reading for geeks like us. =))

Could you improve your mental game? Some thought provoking tips.

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Plus, you get access to the very cool Mr Smooth Console. This is an application that runs on your PC or Mac and lets you see Mr Smooth's ideal freestyle stroke up close from any angle. We built Mr Smooth to show the very latest insights from the elite swimming world - bring your swimming knowledge bang up to date!

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DVD Boxset. Mmmmm.

The Swim Smooth DVD Boxset - Unmissable For Advanced Swimmers!

Our award winning DVD boxset developed for triathletes and open water Freestyle swimmers. Packed with over 2.5hrs of structured information on how to improve your Freestyle stroke.

* The perfect reference for Advanced Swimmers. Use the Boxset to tune up your stroke, catch and feel for the water.

* The Most Comprehensive Guide On The Market. Includes 2x DVDs and 1xCD-ROM - three-times the value!

* Over 30 Pool Based Drills Neatly Organised Into 7 Stroke Areas

* Full 8-Week / 25 Session Structured Training Plan with a challenging advanced level for strong swimmers.

* Drills and technique demonstrations by Olympic Gold Medallist Bill Kirby.

* Clear explanations and great visuals.

The new Finis Swimsense is here, a great way to track your swimming performances.

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