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Becoming A Certified Swim Smooth Coach

Have you got what it takes?

Are you interested in becoming a world class Swim Smooth coach? If you are passionate about swim coaching, motivated to keep developing your skills and love helping others then read on and see if you are made of the right stuff!

Link: Certified Coach List And Services

SS Certification Program Overview

The Swim Smooth Certified Coach Program takes talented and driven coaches who are already performing at a high level and further develops their skills to the level of a full Swim Smooth Coach.

Certified coaches are Swim Smooth’s premiere service, providing the highest level of coaching to swimmers and triathletes all around the world, including:

• Advanced video analysis and stroke correction

• Swimmer clinics and workshops

• Full training squads

• Open water coaching

• Learn to swim

Each coach receives Swim Smooth’s full backing and promotion of their services in return for their annual certification fee.

The Class Of 2015: Certified Coach training in Perth, Australia

Selection Criteria

When selecting coaches, we look for:

• Passionate, self motivated individuals who have already developed their coaching to a high level.

• A high level of coaching technical skill.

• Great communication and soft skills, able to work with any type of person in all situations.

• Individuals who value all swimmers equally, regardless of their ability level.

• An athlete-centered approach, considering the needs and feelings of swimmers and acting purely in those interests at all times.

• That positive feel-good factor which Swim Smooth is famous for!

Candidates must be at least a current Level 2 British Triathlon Coach, UK ASA Coach or equivalent in their country. Membership of a relevant governing body must be kept current at all times.

Geographical Location

An important consideration when selecting any coach for training is their geographical location and the size of their local swimming population. A key objective of the program is that every Swim Smooth Coach is able to earn an income in-line with their skill level and professionalism.

Coaches may operate official Swim Smooth courses and clinics elsewhere (including internationally) provided they do not impeded on another coach’s home territory.

Video analysis and stroke correction are key skills for all certified coaches.

Coach Selection And Training

Each Swim Smooth Coach is required to go through the following selection and development process:

Step 1. Join The SS Coaches Network

To express your initial interest in becoming certified, make sure you join our Coaches Network, this tells us a little bit about you and your coaching:


Members of the coaches network are invited to apply for the Three Day Coach Education Course as they are announced (see step 2).

Please note the three day course is not normally publicised on the Swim Smooth website or in our blog posts.

SS Coach Fiona Ford working with her squad in Richmond, London

Step 2. Three Day Coach Education Course

Before being selected for certified training, every coach must first be selected for and complete the Three Day SS Coach Education Course:

www.swimsmooth.com/coach-education-course.php (redirect .html)

This is a very highly regarded professional development course for coaches and provides a strong introduction to Swim Smooth’s advanced video analysis, stroke correction methods, training methods and open water skills.

During the course the Swim Smooth team gets to know each coach and receives an insight into their abilities and potential. Suitable coaches who are interested n becoming Swim Smooth coaches are then selected and invited to commence certification training. Selection is tough with only around 10% of course attendees continuing for certification training.

Please note, the three day course is solely for your personal development as a coach, it is not assessed and attendees do not receive any sort of qualification or endorsement from Swim Smooth by attending. Coaches may attend the three day course whether they are interested in certification or not.

3 Day Coach Education Course - California 2013

Step 3. Certified Coach Training

Certification training is intensive and is personally conducted by Head Coach Paul Newsome, Coach Education Manager Emma Brunning and UK Head Coach Adam Young.

Training and assessment includes:

• Intensive practice and mentoring of Swim Smooth advanced video analysis and stroke correction skills.

• Squad coaching practise using Swim Smooth’s squad methods and structure.

• The famous trip to the Swim Smooth Squads in Perth Australia for face to face training by Head Coach Paul Newsome.

• Extensive video, written and observational assessments.

Each coach is required to pay Swim Smooth a training fee of £1200 prior to starting their training. Training typical takes 12 to 18 months.

Swim Smooth Coach in training Bart Rolet tells us a little about training in Perth:

Certification Fees

Once certified, each coach is required to pay an annual fee to Swim Smooth in advance of each certification year. Fees vary depending on geographical region and are available on request.

Certified Coaches are free to specialise in an individual area such as open water training.