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Beginner Swimmers - Start Here & Learn Freestyle!

let us inspire you and help you overcome your trepidation - learn freestyle today!

Front Crawl is often used to describe Freestyle in the UK - it's exactly the same thing.

Why do we call it Freestyle at Swim Smooth? Because it's the international name for the stroke and used in the competitive swimming world.

For more jargon busting, check out our swimming glossary.

As a beginner you face many challenges in learning freestyle. There's getting accustomed with the water, learning the actions of the stroke, learning how to breathe and very possibly overcoming fear of the water. Don't worry, that's normal!

As swimming coaches we teach the basics of freestyle to novice swimmers every day. Overcoming those challenges is never easy but with a little determination and with our knowledge and methods you're going to crack it for sure.

How to begin? Check out the following links, they'll give you a flying start to learning the freestyle stroke:

The freestyle stroke.
Meet Mr Smooth! Find out what a good freestyle stroke technique looks like. Also see our highlights presentation of Mr Smooth's stroke for beginner swimmers.

Our tips on developing the right mindset to learn to swim.

Read our top 5 tips to learning the freestyle stroke.

Know a buddy who wants to help you learn? We have some great tips to help them help you.

Struggling with breathing? Struggle no more!

Understand why exhalation into the water is such an important technique and how to become much better at it.

Want more?? Our awesome Learn to Swim Freestyle program awaits you. Don't be shy, be inspired!

Hyperbilatratewhat? Check out our jargon busting Swimming Glossary.

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