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Every Swim Smooth Coach is an expert in video analysis and stroke correction!

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Locate your nearest certified Swim Smooth Coach from the list below. For information on coaches in training, or if you are interested in becoming a certified coach yourself, see here.

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advanced video analysis

A specialist skill of every Swim Smooth Certified Coach is advanced video analysis and stroke correction of your swimming. Video analysis is by far the quickest and most insightful way to improve your stroke - and our service is the very best in the world! Find out more here.

1st March 2013

Dear swimmer,

I'm very proud to say that today Swim Smooth is the leading swimming company in the world thanks to our unerring focus on developing great coaching methods, our unique and innovative tools (such as our Mr Smooth animation), and a truly individual approach to coaching swimmers. This is why the British Triathlon Federation chose us as their experts to re-write the swimming curriculum for all triathlon coaches in the UK.

It has been my dream for many years to give any swimmer access to Swim Smooth coaching with a network of talented and highly skilled coaches teaching our methods. That goal has finally been realised and today we are adding three more coaches to our Certified Coach Program with seven full-time professional coaches in the UK and one in Prague.

Each individual is an experienced and knowledgeable swim coach in their own right but in addition has studied and practised with Swim Smooth for over 12 months including special intensive training with myself at our home-base in Perth, Australia. The end result is a talented set of coaches with all the skills, experience and knowledge to dramatically improve your individual swimming whatever level you are currently at!

If you are:

- An absolute beginner struggling with your breathing and endurance
- An intermediate triathlete stuck on a plateau with your speed and efficiency
- An advanced level swimmer needing that cutting edge

Then contact your local SS Certified Coach today and receive the very best swim coaching available anywhere in the world, featuring:

- Advanced Swim Smooth video analysis and stroke correction techniques
- Squad training for distance swimmers and triathletes containing the perfect mix of fitness training and technique work
- Advanced open water skills and preparation
- A truly individual approach to your swimming

Welcome to Swim Smooth coaching!


Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth Head Coach

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Why Choose A Swim Smooth Coach?

World class video analysis & stroke correction (more)
Hand picked & highly trained in Perth, Australia (more)
Truly individual approach to your stroke (more)
Full time professional coaches
British Triathlon's chosen coaching partner (more)
Full backup and support from SS homebase (more)

Certified Coach training in sunny Perth

Emma (Windermere) and Alan (Lanark) training in Perth

Gabi (Prague) is our first certified coach outside of the UK & Australia

Each coach has been personally mentored by Paul Newsome

Open water coaching skills in Perth

Fiona working with the her squads in Richmond

Steve Bailey practising his video analysis filming

Julian and Fiona share a joke with our squad swimmers

Sally is lucky enough to be based in Perth