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SS International Stroke Correction Clinics

Our World Famous Swimming Efficiency Workshops For Triathletes and Swimmers FEATURING FULL VIDEO ANALYSIS

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Swim Smooth's 1-Day Stroke Correction Clinic is the very best way available to improve your freestyle (front crawl) swimming using all our coaching methods and full video analysis.

We pride ourselves on giving you unique advice for your stroke, whatever your build, experience and speed. We can be so specific to your needs because of our deep understanding of the stroke and our great experience of improving thousands of swimmers' strokes around the world.

Many thanks for a fantastic day on Friday in Huddersfield - it was brilliant, hugely motivating, professionally organised and delivered, informative, hard work (but not too much), and most of all, FUN!

I think £175 for a swim course is quite a lot to spend, I was a little nervous before-hand about value for money - but having experienced it, I now think its great value. I couldn't possibly spend that money on cycling or running and get anything like the benefit

Greg Elwell, Hebden Bridge, UK

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As you'd expect, parts of our teaching and technique advice are common to all good coaches teaching freestyle - that's because they work just great. However, there's also plenty of unique Swim Smooth insight on these workshops, which isn't so common! This includes our pioneering techniques for breathing, curing cross-overs, improving body roll, shoulder injury, rhythm, timing and feel for the water.

We'll teach you the latest, most effective methods to develop your stroke, specific to your needs, your ability and your body type.

Clinic Structure

The workshops are very interactive, with plenty of discussion around your questions and individual stroke.

The clinic is divided into three components - 1) Theory time in the classroom 2) Practical exercises in the classroom 3) Pool practical sessions.

Included in the theory sessions are:

- The Basics Of The Freestyle Stroke, including common misunderstandings and pitfalls.

- Enhancing Your Efficiency in the Pool, so you can swim further more easily.

- Generating More Propulsion in the Water, this will have you moving faster - surprisingly without working harder.

- Developing Open Water Skills, to get the best out of yourself on race day.

- Training Program Development and How to get the most out of your swim sessions.

You will come away from a clinic with a clear understanding of your current stroke from our detailed video analysis.

You'll understand the changes you need to make to improve your swimming.

We'll start you off making those changes in the clinic and give you a clear plan to develop your stroke specific to your needs.

We also point out all the things you're doing right too - it won't all be bad. ;)

Practical swimming sessions include:

- Extensive Videoing Of Your Stroke above and below the water. Of course you get to take away your video footage with you on DVD.

- Technique Development and Intervention based on your video analysis

- A Mini-Squad Session showing you how to implement our unique teaching methods into a 'normal' training session.

Classroom time will also include practical aspects according to the needs of the group:

- Stretching / Flexibility for Performance, often neglected and could easily be holding your swimming back - we'll identify if this is an issue for you.

- Core Stabilization in Swimming, we'll give you a better understanding of what core stability means in swimming and how to tune into it - it's a little different to other sports.

Injury Prevention, even if you've never had a swimming injury it's very important to avoid them - they're tricky to shake off, more so than in other sports.

As you can tell, it's an action packed day! Saying that, it's not physically demanding and is suitable for anyone who can swim 200m continuously.

Each clinic has a maximum of 12 attendees, with a minimum of 2 coaches. This allows us to deliver that unique personalised approach which we are world-renowned for.

Who are these Clinics suitable for?

Our Clinics are suitable for anyone who can swim 200m continuously.

The practical sessions themselves are not demanding physically and are low-intensity. They suit a broad spectrum of triathletes and swimmers who want to improve their swimming.

The ability level typically ranges from those swimming around 10 minutes  for 400m to those covering the same distance in under 5 minutes. Our average Clinic attendee will swim 400m in approx. 7-8 minutes and often feel that they have hit a plateau with their swimming speed.

A picture paints a thousand words...

Being able to see yourself swimming from a range of different angles on our high resolution big screen, and then having your stroke constructively critiqued by our expert coaches, is an amazingly powerful process. You don't need to feel shy about this and no-one will be made to feel inferior whatever your level of swimming.

As well as pooltime, each clinic includes fun, interactive class room sessions to understand the freestyle stroke better.

By attending one of our Clinics you are taking an important step in analysing what you need to do to improve and learning the techniques you specifically need to develop your stroke.

Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to get the most out of your day.


Swim Smooth 1-Day Clinics are priced* at:
GBP £189

Please contact us at help@swimsmooth.com with any questions about the clinics.

I've already raved about this clinic but I've seen the practical benefits over the last 2 days.

Did a 500m PB yesterday and was chuffed but today I broke my long standing 100 and 200m PBs just focusing on stuff from the clinic (staying long and streamlined, slowing SR down a bit, exhaling lots, etc). 100m down from 1:26 to 1:22 and 200m down from 3:04 to 2:55.

Very happy indeed - thanks guys!

Pete Egglestone, St Albans, UK

Read more clinic feedback on the UK's biggest triathlon forum here.

You will need to bring

1. Swimming gear, i.e. swim suit, cap and goggles.

2. Loose comfortable clothing for land-based practical sessions.

3. A pair of flippers or fins (of the swimming variety, i.e. flexible rubber)

4. An open mind and the willingness to learn new skills to help you improve!

5. A light packed lunch, unless instructed otherwise closer to the day.

You will be asked to print-off a Medical Waiver form, complete it and bring it to the Clinic.

A full, detailed timetable will be sent out to all registered clinic attendees in the week preceding the Clinic. Please note, we reserve the right to have to change or modify course contents and lay-out at short notice due to any unforeseen circumstances or facility hire restrictions. All participants will be informed in advance of attendance of any changes.

International Schedule

We do impressions too!

We are currently planning the remainder of our 2012 International Clinic Schedule. If you haven't already signed up for the Swim Smooth Blog Feel For The Water then do so now using the box below. Not only will you receive a bundle of great tips to help your swimming but we use the blog to announce new clinic dates.

Further information and some terms and conditions are below. Expand the sections using the (+) boxes:

More on Our Philosophy and Methods

Swim Smooth Clinic Cancellation Policy

A Special Incentive for Clubs and Groups

Exciting Coaching Opportunities with Swim Smooth!

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Overview: 1-Day Swimming Clinics

Description: Triathletes and swimmers, improve your stroke and technique to swim faster and more easily. Extensive video footage of your stroke above and below the water and analysis of what your current technique. Practical and theory sessions to improve your individual stroke. Take your footage away on DVD with a clear plan on how to improve your swimming. All in one action packed day!

For: Anyone who can swim 200m and wants to swim faster.

Our Comment: Our world famous individual approach to your swimming. During the Clinic we'll start correcting your stroke with specific drills and techniques for your needs. You'll come away with a clear plan of what to do to make those changes permanent and become a faster swimmer!

GBP £189

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Clinic Opinions:

Paul Newsome is thoroughly knowledgeable, he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and is a fantastic communicator.

I learnt a lot from him by watching his coaching style. He has time for every single question and students at his Clinics should not feel afraid about asking any question regardless of how stupid they may think it is!

Andrew Peake, UK

Say Paul, it suddenly dawned on me why you made such a point about my deep hand entry from the video - but at the same time staying positive in your critique about the benefits of such a stroke for open water swimming.

By driving my hand into the water at such a depth before the actual catch starts, I am losing so much potential pull -- now I get it!!

What a revelation.... Thannnnk yooooo..... onward to smoother swimming.....

Harry Christie, USA

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With our underwater video camera systems you'll see what you're doing in great detail. It's quite an eye opener!

You must have met Mr Smooth by now and downloaded the free console? He's an example of our innovative approach to improving Swim Coaching.
In the clinics we have more new clever stuff to help your swimming which the Swim Smooth coaches and technical staff have been developing behind the scenes.

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