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Swim Smooth Coach education Program: Three day Course

coaches education program for swim and triathlon coaches of any level or experience
recommended and endorsed by triathlon england and triathlon scotland


Poolside on the November 2010 Swim Smooth Coach Education Course.

The SS Coach Education Course is an intense program for ambitious swimming coaches of any experience or level. This three day course will be delivered to twelve selected coaches by Swim Smooth's Coaches Paul Newsome and Adam Young, and includes:

- Advanced freestyle stroke technique correction methods. Identification of underlying issues in a swimmer's stroke technique and best practise to correct. This covers all levels of swimmer from beginner to elite.

- Detailed discussion of each component of the freestyle stroke. A modern perspective on what is considered ideal for distance freestyle at different levels of competition.

- An appreciation of the effectiveness of different styles of different swimmers and in what direction to lead individual swimmers.

- In depth training of our revolutionary new coaching system which allows coaches to quickly understand a swimmer's style of swimming - and the fundamental technique issues and personalities behind each style. This exciting system will be launched to swimmers on the internet just prior to the Coach Training Course.

- Developing a swimmer's catch and feel for the water. Detailed discussion of why this is so hard to do and different approaches for different levels of swimmer.

- Observation skills on the pooldeck. How to spot underlying stroke technique issues that are easily missed.

- Live stroke correction sessions with volunteer swimmers during the course.

- How to use stroke rate to optimise your swimmer's efficiency in the water.

- How to perform video analysis of swimmers - equipment to use, angles to film above and below the water and analysis of footage.

- Improving communication channels with athletes.

- How to coach and improve the stroke technique of those swimmers who never seem to improve.

- What to do with swimmers who have seemingly perfect technique.

- Running a squad program and best practise structure and training sessions to develop your swimmers.

- Using Critical Swim Speed (CSS) to develop the sustainable threshold of your swimmers and to encourage better pacing technique for distance events.

- The course has a main focus on distance freestyle coaching of adult swimmers and triathletes but will touch on the other three strokes, sprint, junior and elite coaching.

Simply put, the course teaches you all of Swim Smooth's advanced coaching methods to greatly improve the effectiveness of your coaching, particularly in the area of freestyle technique correction.

The course will be strictly limited to twelve coaches to allow an extremely high quality interactive learning experience. The last course was more than twice over-subscribed and demand is expected to be equally high on this series.

In order to select the best candidates, each coach is asked to apply using the web form below. Coaches will be chosen based on a combination of attitude and enthusiasm for coaching. Experience and coaching qualifications will be looked apon favourably but will not be overriding factors in selection.

Developing observation skills is a key element of the course.

Course Structure

The SS Coach Education Course runs for three days, commencing with two days of direct learning in the classroom and on the pooldeck with the Swim Smooth team and volunteer swimmers. The third day is attendance of a full Swim Smooth One-Day Clinic held at the same venue. During the clinic, coaches will observe and interact with swimmers as much as they wish, receiving first hand experience of putting the material discussed on the first two days into practise with Paul Newsome and Adam Young.

We also hope that attendees are able to stay in the same hotel as the Swim Smooth staff to allow social contact and further interaction in the evenings - hotel locations tbd.

recommended by triathlon england and triathlon scotland


As part of our Coach Education role with the British Triathlon Federation, the Swim Smooth Coach Education Course is endorsed by both Triathlon England and Triathlon Scotland.

This course is recommended CPD by both governing bodies and representatives from each body will attend the respective courses.

Future Swim Smooth Affiliation

In the future Swim Smooth is planning to run an affiliated coaches program so that you can become an official Swim Smooth coach. The standard for this affiliation will be very high, in keeping with the high quality of coaching that Swim Smooth stands for.

If you wish to become an official Swim Smooth coach in the future, successful completion of the Coach Education Course is an essential first step in the overall training process.

Experienced Or Knowledgeable Enough?

The Coach Education Course requires only modest coaching experience to attend and is open to any age of adult. From inexperienced coaches we do look for evidence of an enthusiastic approach to learning - including examples of self education.

We'll teach you best practise video analysis methods.

Primarily we will look for coaching potential, enthusiasm, good attitude and open mindedness when making our selection from the applicants.

Course Fee

Each attendee will be required to pay the course fee of £400 in advance of attendance. Payment from selected coaches will be taken offline.

Our Guarantee To You

As with all things Swim Smooth, we guarantee the high quality of the Coach Education Course. If following your attendance of the course you do not feel it was good value for money we will refund you in full.

For those who have not yet had personal experience of Swim Smooth and the quality of our coaching, we can understand how you might have concerns over the value of a course such as this. We wish to remove this risk from you by offering a full money back guarantee.



If you would like to register your future interest with us, please do so by contacting Paul Newsome here.

SS Coach Education Course Application Form

By completing this form you are confirming your desire to attend the course, pay the course fee and confirm your availability on the course dates.

We will reply to you by tbd informing you whether you have been selected to attend.

Your name

Your age

Your email address. Please carefully check you have entered this correctly.

Your daytime phone number. Please carefully check you entered this correctly.

Which course would you like to attend, Loughborough Or Stirling? If you would like to attend either course say so and indicate your preference.

Where do you live / coach?

What coaching qualifications do you have (if any)? If you coach within a company, club or group tell us about that.

If you are involved in any capacity with another swimming company please declare it here (this is rarely an issue but we need to know). Also inform us if you post on any internet forums using an alias.

Tell us about yourself, what you're interested in and what your coaching ambitions are.

Tell us something unique about your coaching.

Tell us in a nutshell why we should pick you to come on the coaches course.

What one thing would you most like to get from the course?



If you require any further information about the course content, please contact Paul Newsome on: swimsmooth@me.com.




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