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we want to lift the level of knowledge in the coaching community and lead some cutting edge developments...


You're a swim coach, have ambitions to become one, or a swimmer with a technical interest in swimming. There are a number of ways Swim Smooth can help you. The Know-How section on this site is extensive (see the navigation menu on the left) but we've drawn together the following specifically for coaches:

Our innovative new Swim Types System. Swimming will never quite be the same again!
Read coach specific information on the system here.

The Freestyle Stroke Hierarchy
. A fascinating insight into what order to fix things in a swimmer's technique.

Our exclusive interview with coaching guru Ernie Maglischo

Check out our opinion on some of the more Contentious Issues In Swimming.

Join our coaches network - let's improve swimming together.
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Details Of Our Three Day Coach Eduction Course

Learn all our advanced stroke correction methods.

The Mr Smooth Pro Console
A bespoke visualisation tool for swimming coaches.
Give your swimmers an unfair advantage here!

Improve your swimmer's Rhythm and Timing - we believe it's the forgotten secret of swimming.

An interesting, slightly left field take on how humans learn new skills - and the implications for your coaching.

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Coaching Consultants To The BTF

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Swim Smooth is...

...Fresh and Fruity

Our coaching, products and training programs are fun, funky, inspirational and to the point - keeping your swimming fresh and fruity! Sometimes we're a bit cheeky too. Sorry Mum.

...For Individuals

We don't coach a 'One Way Only' approach to swimming. Your ideal stroke is different from another person's. We identify your individual needs and how best to improve your swimming. Whatever your experience. Whatever your skill level. Whatever your body type.

...Technique AND Training

We believe that technique stroke work is very important to your swim speed. But we also believe that most swimmers need to include fitness training to improve. Why? It's a harsh reality. If you only work on technique you'll improve some but then plateau. The swimmers who keep improving and become faster and faster strike the right balance of fitness and technique training. We'll show you how.

Find out more about Swim Smooth here.

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Consultants To The British Triathlon Federation

Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce they have been appointed Swimming Coaching Consultants to the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). In the relationship we work closely with the BTF to develop their Coach Education Programmes, ensuring the best level of swim coaching and methods are taught to BTF Coaches working with all levels of athletes.

Coach Education Is Central To Swim Smooth

Swim Smooth are also developing a new BTF Endorsed Advanced Level Swimming Coaching Course. This optional "CPD" course will be delivered by Swim Smooth to BTF Coaches teaching them all of our advanced stroke correction methods. If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Paul Newsome.

We are very proud of this new relationship and excited about the benefits it will bring to triathlon coaches and athletes in the UK.

Swim Smooth!