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The Coaches On Clinics Scheme

attend a clinic, get involved and share the knowledge for the benefit of all

Swim Smooth operate a scheme whereby local swimming and triathlon coaches to a Swim Smooth Clinic can attend the clinic for free.

A key objective of Swim Smooth is to build a network of coaches around the world, interacting and improving the standards of coaching available to amateur swimmers and triathletes.

Involved with a triathlon club? They'll benefit from your attendance.

This is not a commercial interest, we're doing this because we care passionately about it - so our clinics are free for coaches to attend. In return we may ask the coaches to help out with small practicalities on the day to help with the smooth running of the clinics.

We have found that Swim Smooth clinics offer an excellent opportunity for local coaches to become involved and see our methods in action. This is very beneficial for that coach but it is also beneficial for the clinic as a whole:

1) We highly value outside coach's input to the Clinic discussions. The Swim Smooth philosophy is an open, free thinking one.

2) If the coach is local to the area then clinic attendees are left with coaching contacts to help continue their swimming development after the clinic if they so wish.

Coaches are also actively encouraged to stay in contact and interact with Swim Smooth following the Clinic. Find out more about our coaching network.

What Will You Receive?

We love coaching, that's why we're in this business.

Outside coaches attending a Swim Smooth Clinic will have full access to all the learning materials everyone on the Clinic receives. During the technique theory components you will discover how the Swim Smooth Methodology can be incorporated into your existing training program on an ongoing basis.

During the swimming, core and flexibility practical sessions the coach will be present with Swim Smooth coaches during the active coaching, and as such develop first hand skills in our practises and techniques.

Swim Smooth views this as a great opportunity to learn our practises directly. We can provide written references for any coach whom assists at one of our Clinics, which may also be beneficial for your future coaching endeavours.

What You Don't Receive

The Coaches On Clinics scheme is designed to educate local coaches and improve the quality of our clinics. However, you will not achieve any Swim Smooth qualification or accreditation from attending.

Are There Any Requirements?

Coach kids? Our clinics are for adult swimmers but our techniques you'll witness work just as well with children.

All attending coaches will require at least club-level swim / triathlon coaching qualifications (i.e. Level 1 and above in most countries) from their respective country and full Senior First Aid and CPR awards as standard.

There are a limited number of coaching places on each clinic. In the event of over subscription, we will look for tertiary education in a sports science related field and actual hands-on coaching experience as further selection criteria. Enthusiasm is a key ingredient and looked upon favourably.

We also require each coach to share our open minded realistic approach to swim coaching.

Our Coaching Network - Get In Contact!

If you are interested in attending one of our clinics the best way to register your interest is to get involved with our Coaches Network right away. The network is hosted by us in a private area within the Swim Smooth Forum. We discuss and share our experiences and knowledge about coaching for the benefit of all.

The network is entirely free and open to anyone to apply. To apply, fill out the form on the Coaches Network page. Why is the coaches network forum private? To allow us to have reasonably technical discussions without confusing the casual reader. Also, a conventional internet forum is anonymous since anyone can create an account under any name. Our wish for the coaches network is to use our real identities. Knowing who we're speaking to encourages openness and professionalism much more than an anonymous public forum.

Future Coach Education Opportunities

Let's raise the bar together.

Due to the high demand from coaches whom have worked with us in the past and others whom have heard about our practises, we are looking at offering a specific Swim Smooth Coach education program within the next 12 months. This will be an excellent opportunity to become an accredited Swim Smooth coach.

Details of this education program will be first offered to members of the Coaches Network. Then posted on this site and through our Blog Feel For The Water. Have you signed up to the blog yet? If you identify yourself as a coach when you signup you'll receive the specific coaching posts as well as normal blog posts.

Swim Smooth Terms and Conditions

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