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The Swim Smooth Coaches Network

let's raise the standards of coaching together


Swim Smooth's over-riding goal is to raise the standards of coaching and knowledge available to swimmers and triathletes around the world. We're particularly passionate about this for normal 'non-elite' athletes such as amateur swimmers and age group triathletes.

The Swim Smooth Coaches Network is an initiative to that end. We are developing a select, driven group of open minded, forward thinking swim / tri coaches who share our goal and passion.

Passionate coaching is the name of the game.

There are a mix of coaches in the Coaching Network, from very experienced sage-like characters with extensive knowledge of swimming technique to budding newbies.

There's no charge for being a member and anyone can apply to join (just fill in the form below and it'll appear in head coach Paul Newsome's inbox). We value coaching experience greatly but view an open minded approach and a passion for coaching even more highly.

How The Network Operates

The Coaches Network does two things:

1) It helps us share technical Swim Smooth knowledge with other coaches. It gives you direct access to Paul Newsome and all the other Swim Smooth coaches.

2) It acts as a "think tank" discussing new ideas, experiences and methods for the benefit of all.

The group communicates and interacts through a private area of the Swim Smooth Forum. If you're accepted into the group we'll issue you with a logon, you'll get access to the area and be away! ** Please note the Swim Smooth forum is currently locked - we're investigating other ways for the coaches network to communicate.

The network is global around the world, it does not matter if English is your second language - in fact we value diversity greatly.

Wondering If You're Experienced Or Knowledgeable Enough?

If you enjoy the technical side of swimming and have ambitions to be a coach, that's enough qualification to join the network. Everyone starts somewhere - it seems like only yesterday we were starting out too. At first you may be asking more questions than giving advice but that's just fine. The whole idea of the network is that we all improve our knowledge and coaching abilities.

If you are serious about becoming a coach and have an open minded, straightforward attitude then please apply to join!

the three day coach education course

These days we rarely annouce our three day coach education course to the public, we're literally swamped with applicants if we do! Instead we ask if members of the coaches network would like to apply for the course, so please make sure you join to receive an invite!

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Why is the Coaches Network forum private? To allow us to have reasonably technical discussions without confusing the casual reader. Also, a conventional internet forum is anonymous since anyone can create an account under any name.

We require all contributors to the coaches network to use their real identities. Knowing who's who encourages openness and professionalism.

swim smooth certification

Becoming a member of the network does not amount to an accreditation or endorsement from Swim Smooth however it can be a useful first step in getting to know us and finding out more about how we work.

If you are interested in becoming a full Swim Smooth Certified Coach then you need to first attend our 3 Day Coach Education Course (there has never been an exception to this). We pick attendees from the 3 day course to invite to go on and train to be certified, which normally takes a further 12-18 months.



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