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The Mr Smooth Console - Your Free Desktop Application!

Download the Mr Smooth Console to your PC or Mac and see him from any angle, at any speed.

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The Free Console Application Running On Your Computer

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Unsure? Find Out How This Works

Why is this a download?

What Does A Great Freestyle Stroke Look Like? That's a question we hear all the time. Until now it's been difficult for swimming coaches to answer that question. Now we can - using The Mr Smooth Animation built into funky desktop applications we call "Consoles".

The Free Console is available for you to download as an application to your computer. Install the application and see Mr Smooth's stroke in amazing detail at any speed from any angle - instantly start learning how to improve your freestyle stroke.

The console is super easy to use and is available for both PCs (using Windows) and Macs. Best of all, this unique tool is free, just subscribe to our blog in the signup box to receive it as your joining gift!

The Mr Smooth Consoles are custom built desktop applications, specially designed to view Mr Smooth's stroke from any angle and at any speed - you can even remove the water and its distorting effects! There's the free version shown on this page and an amazing "Pro" version packed with extra features such as matrix-style rotating views! Pro Console

Mr Smooth has been carefully developed by Swim Smooth using our extensive knowledge from within the elite swimming world. We've taken the very latest thinking in freestyle stroke mechanics and carefully produced an animation showing an 'ideal stroke' for amateur swimmers and triathletes. You can find out more about Mr Smooth's development here.

Use the Mr Smooth animation as a visualisation tool to understand the freestyle stroke better - the visual cues will soon have you improving your swimming.

Any swimmer will benefit from studying his stroke, whether you are a total novice, intermediate or elite swimmer. We have found that adults learning freestyle get just as much from watching Mr Smooth as experienced swimmers, perhaps more.

Free Console Features

Watching Mr Smooth has many advantages over watching video footage of great swimmers:

- The animation has amazing clarity.

- You can view him from angles you cannot normally film a swimmer, e.g. underneath and surface level shots.

- We've included super-smooth slow motion to appreciate his every movement.

- He has no idiosyncrasies (even great swimmers have these and they're distracting and confusing to the non-expert viewer).

At the click of a button you can remove the water and its distorting effects from the animation.

- A normal body type which you can relate to (many elite swimmers are very tall and broad).

- Accurate control of stroke rate, so you can dial in Michael Phelp's stroke rate, or Rebecca Adlington's or Emma Snowsill's.

- Ability to remove the water for greater clarity, especially useful for understanding the catch phase of the stroke.

- The animation is synchronised from different angles so you can freeze him and look at a fixed position from the front, side, top, bottom and rear.

- Precisely numbered frames over a complete bilateral breathing cycle. Frame numbers provide an easy reference for discussion and sharing between fellow users.

3 Things To Look Out For: Beginner Swimmers


1) Mr Smooth has great breathing technique. He keeps his head low when he breathes, exhales into the water and breathes to both sides (jargon: bilateral breathing).

2) As he swims he keeps his body high and horizontal in the water. This allows him to cut through the water easily.

3) Mr Smooth kicks from the hip with a relatively straight leg. His ankles are loose and floppy. This keeps his body high and reduces drag.

What do we mean by this? Swim Smooth coach Adam Young will show you in the Mr Smooth presentation for beginner swimmers.

3 Things To Look Out For: Intermediate Swimmers


1) Mr Smooth has good body roll in his stroke - notice he rotates with his hips as well as his shoulders. This makes his stroke longer, more streamlined and more powerful.

2) His stroke is long but it doesn't have any deadspots. Having a pause or deadspot in your stroke is a major obstacle to becoming a faster swimmer. We'll show you how to remove the deadspot and overcome this very common problem for swimmers who've overly lengthened their stroke.

3) Mr Smooth has ideal "front quadrant" stroke timing. He doesn't windmill or catch-up fully. He strikes the right balance with his hands passing just in front of his head (one above and one below the water). This timing is best for most swimmers.

Find out more by watching the Mr Smooth Presentation For Intermediate Swimmers.

3 Things To Look Out For: Advanced Swimmers


1) Mr Smooth has a great catch and feel for the water. Notice how he catches with a high elbow and his finger tips angled down. He pulls the water backwards not down with a bent elbow.

2) His stroke helps him avoid shoulder injury. He does this by having great body roll, entering finger-tips first, not thumb first and pulling the water back not pushing it down at the front of the stroke.

3) Mr Smooth's kick timing is perfect. This helps him drive his body roll and in turn drive his arm stroke. Yes you can use your kick to drive your arm stroke - it's one of the subtle things that turns a good swimmer into an elite swimmer.

What do know more? Swim Smooth coach Adam Young will show you in the Mr Smooth Presentation For Advanced Swimmers.

Download Now

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Console download size is 43MB (typ. 5-10 mins with broadband). Choice of Mac & PC versions. We take your privacy very seriously (see our privacy policy).

Frequently Asked Questions:


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The Pro Console

Special View 4 From The Pro Console: The Catch

The Free Console's very cool but the Pro Console is The Bomb.

Designed as the ultimate tool for coaches and swimming enthusiasts, it includes some amazing features. We asked our technical team "what have you got in the locker?" and we weren't disappointed with what they came up with!

Special compilation synchronised views focusing on key aspects of the freestyle stroke, matrix style rotating views, ultra-quality bit-rates, a forward/reverse jog wheel, the ability to export frames as images, manual frame control, auto-link generation and full-screen view mode.

Find Out More.

Swim Smooth Terms and Conditions

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think about reaching over a barrel to improve your catch and pull.
we're experts in front crawl and improving the stroke.
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Why Download The Console App?paul
Hi, I'm Paul Newsome, Head Coach at Swim Smooth.

Why download the console application? Easy - it will help you see and understand what a great freestyle stroke looks like. You'll pick up loads of visual cues to help your own stroke, getting you swimming faster and more efficiently too.

The clarity is simply amazing - it has to be seen to be believed.

The application is perfectly safe, it's passed the official certification process for Windows and Mac OS - it's guaranteed virus and spyware free.

Don't miss out, improve your swimming today!

Cheers, Paul

Swim Smooth is all about developing your freestyle stroke technique.

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Mr Smooth's stroke is bang up to date with the latest knowledge of freestyle from the elite swimming world.

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