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Aw :blush:! We love to stay in contact with swimmers who enjoy our site and coaching products. There are several ways you can do that:


Join our Facebook fansite: Bringing swimmers together, sharing pics and stories.


Paul Newsome on Twitter: Live stories and gossip from Swim Smooth in Perth and around the world.


The very best place to post your questions, get advice direct from Swim Smooth coaches on swimming technique and make swimming friends is on our forum: www.swimsmoothforum.com

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If you have a website and would like a Free Swim Smooth Article to make it a little smoother then find out more here: www.swimsmooth.com/free-articles.html


Or, do it the old fashioned way and send us an email about anything you like or don't like about Swim Smooth. Reach us on: feedback@swimsmooth.com


If you are on a forum or have your own website why not link to us? Our aim is to help as many swimmers and triathletes as possible improve their swimming. Help them reach us by linking to www.swimsmooth.com. =)


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Find out more about Swim Smooth on our Meet The Team page


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