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Swim Smooth And Sports Governing Bodies

As well as providing coaching direct to swimmers, Swim Smooth aims to lift the standards of coaching worldwide by working with the governing bodies of triathlon and swimming within their coach education systems. In this way we are able to directly influence tens of thousands of coaches worldwide.

Swim Smooth's methods and materials are taught to developing coaches of the International Triathlon Union, Triathlon England, British Triathlon and Amateur Swimming Association (open water). This includes the Swim Smooth core coaching philosophies:

1) Treating swimmers as individuals and assessing their unique requirements: "Coaching The Swimmer, Not The Stroke"

2) Using an all round approach of developing swimmer's training, technique and open-water skills with equal priority: "The Three Keys"

3) Correcting stroke faults by identifying and addressing the root cause, which may be elsewhere in the stroke : "Cause And Effect"

Working with governing bodies on coach education is very important to us, in fact it's a cornerstone of what Swim Smooth is all about.

If you're using the Swim Smooth Coaching System as part of your coach education with the ITU, TE, BTF or ASA then a very warm welcome to you! Please continue to spread the word about Swim Smooth and send us a message, tweet or facebook post to let us know how you're getting along!

The International Triathlon Union (ITU)

Adam delivering the first ITU coach-ed course in Bucharest - we're working on a postural exercise here!

In 2014 Swim Smooth were approached by the International Triathlon Union, the worldwide governing body for triathlon with 119 affiliated countries, with a project to develop their coach education for swimming:

"The opportunity to have Swim Smooth"s expert knowledge taught to triathlon coaches is invaluable to our global coaching development education goals. The resources offer insight on both training and technique, providing information to coaches instructing athletes of all abilities." ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado

In November 2014 Swim Smooth delivered the swim component of the first coach education course in Bucharest, Romania:

"Swim Smooth are very honoured and privileged to now be working with the ITU as part of their Coach Education team. ITU coaches around the world will now be trained using our materials, coaching system and coaching tools to deliver the best quality coaching for triathlon swimming. Having run the first Level 1 course in Bucharest recdently, I am very impressed by the experience, knowledge and passion of the whole ITU team, and I encourage any developing coach considering ITU qualifications to not hesitate in getting started." Adam Young, Director, Swim Smooth

To find out more about ITU coach education and how to get started yourself, visit: www.triathlon.org/development/coach

British Triathlon & Triathlon England

Paul Newsome kicking off a Triathlon England course with coaches from across the country

Swim Smooth partnered with Triathlon England / British Triathlon in 2010 entirely re-writing the swimming coaching curriculum for Coaching Levels 1, 2 & 3. Every Triathlon Coach in the UK now receives tutoring in Swim Smooth's coaching methods and practises.

Morgan Williams, National Development Manager for Triathlon England: "Swim Smooth is fast becoming the gold standard in coaching for the freestyle stroke and open water swimming... it was a natural decision for Triathlon England to choose Swim Smooth... to create extra opportunities for members of the public to access high quality coaching and to help them prepare for their next triathlon challenge."

To start your career as a Triathlon England Coach, visit: www.triathlonengland.org/get-involved/coaching

Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)

The ASA Level 2 Award in Coaching Open Water Swimming (QCF) is a pioneering collaboration between the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), British Triathlon and Swim Smooth. It enables coaches to gain specialist knowledge, skills and experience in coaching open water swimming through quality, innovative and modern learning resources. It's truly revolutionsed open water swimming, matching the exponential participation increase in the UK.

ASA and British Swimming Workforce Projects and Partnership Manager, Kelly Gaffney said: "At a time when swimming in open water has had a lot of publicity and is rapidly growing in terms of participation, swimming and triathlon coaches now have an excellent opportunity to be formally recognised for their knowledge, skills and safe practice. For the first time, two national governing bodies of sport have come together with a common objective, tying in with experts at Swim Smooth. The partnership has been a successful collaboration which we hope will continue for many years to come."

For more information visit: v3.pebblepad.co.uk/v3portfolio/british_swimming/Asset/View/5jd4tb53skmq7jb5ynt8z9nmcw

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