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Sizing & Fitting Your HUUB Wetsuit

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HUUB wetsuits are tailored to the individual stroke styles of swimmers, once you have chosen your suit (see here) use the information below to size your suit:

sizing your suit

The best way to size your HUUB wetsuit is from your height and body weight. With HUUB's super-flexible neoprene your exact buid and shape is less critical than it used to be as the suits mould themselves closely to your form:



large version

Model: AEGIS

HUUB Sizing Chart - AEGIS

large version

Concerned about sizing or selecting your HUUB? We're friendly and here to help! Reach us on:

Call within the UK on: 01745 860680
Call internationally on: +44 1745 860680

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Checking Your Fit

As swimming coaches we understand that fit is everything for the comfort and performance of your wetsuit. Try on your suit and want to change sizes? Return it to us and we'll send out a replacement suit to you with free shipping (find out more about this offer).

HUUB wetsuits are extremely flexible and are designed to sit tight to the skin for maximum performance. The flexibility of the neoprene and design of the shoulders means this does not restrict your stroke.

Once you have received your wetsuit, check the fit in the areas below:


The sleeves are designed to sit 2-3 inches up your arm from your wrist (left). Try drawing more material up towards your shoulder if not.

The end of the suit leg is designed to finish 2-3 inches above your ankle (left). Try drawing more material up towards your crotch to acheive this.

The suit should fit quite tightly on your wrists. Here the material lifts away too easily.

The neck should sit tight to the skin when attached at the rear, not lifting away as we see here.

Check the suit sits tight to your lower back - this suit is too loose around the swimmer's middle and is lifting away easily.

If you have wrinkles in the limbs when correctly put on, the suit is too large for you.

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