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Mr Smooth On Your iPod / MP3 Player / Phone

Mr Smooth is our 'ideal' freestyle stroke visualisation - now you can view him on the move.

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Download Mr Smooth for your portable device

We love our gadgets at Swim Smooth so when we first developed Mr Smooth the first thing we did was convert the video files to show our friends on our iPods! Now you can do the same.

Having Mr Smooth on your portable device is perfect because you can watch his swimming technique immediately before you hit the water, perhaps in the pool changing rooms. That's why we call him a 'visualisation' - visualise what you're going to try and reproduce in your technique when you start swimming.

To download Mr Smooth for your ipod or phone, simply select your device from the pull-down menu below.

Free iPod/iPhone/MP3/Phone Download

Select Device:

Compatible Devices

The perfect angle to examine arm recovery and hand entry.

There are a huge number of portable devices capable of playing video. We've created files for the following: iPod, iPhone and iPod-Touch, Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune, 3GPP (for 3G phones).

If your device is not on that list there's still a very good chance one of the files will work. We suggest you try the 3GPP files first if it's a phone or the Creative Zen file if it's an MP3 player.

If you have a device that won't play any of the formats, shoot us a quick email with the manufacturer and exact model to feedback@swimsmooth.com. When they get a chance our technical team will look at creating a file for you.

Putting the Video On Your Portable Device

To import the video file to your device, use the software that comes with your player. When you download the relevant video file from our site you will save it to a folder on your computer. We suggest putting it in your Videos folder in Windows. Then from your device's software (e.g. iTunes if you're using an iPod/iPhone) import the video from that folder. Next, either add the video to your play list and synchronise or drag the video file to your device in the software.

Return and see the Mr Smooth preview on our homepage.

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Get Mr Smooth on your desktop with the Mr Smooth Console. Watch him from beneath, above and behind! Freeze frame. Slow Motion. Stroke rate control. You can even remove the water to make things super-clear!!

Swim Coach?
Check out our specialist visualisation tool for coaches - The PRO Console.