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Paul Newsome

Paul is the founder and head coach of Swim Smooth

Welcome To Swim Smooth!

All of my life I've loved swimming and the feeling of training, racing and just playing in the water. My childhood, education and career have been dedicated to coaching, training and racing in this sport and my other passion - triathlon.

Swim Smooth is all about taking my knowledge, and that of the rest of the Swim Smooth team, and delivering it to you in the wider world. We put a lot of effort into getting the best swimming know-how and techniques in the world and presenting it to you clearly, whatever your level of swimming.

I think we do a good job but we are always looking to improve. If you have any suggestions, queries or feedback for the Swim Smooth team, please write to us at feedback@swimsmooth.com - we'd love to hear from you.

If you feel you have something for me personally then please let me know at swimsmooth@me.com.

People often ask about my background so I have put together the brief bio below.

Enjoy Swim Smooth, and more importantly, enjoy your swimming!



Paul Newsome Bio

Paul's life in competitive swimming started at the age of 7 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England. As a typical swim kid at his swimming club, he hammered out tough freestyle and butterfly sets through his teenage years in blissful ignorance of stroke technique work.

At 17 he was introduced to the sport of Triathlon and switched to elite triathlon competition. He joined the UK's World Class Potential program at Bath University whilst studying for his Sports Science Degree. Notable training buddies during this time were Simon Lessing, Richard Allen, Richard Stanard, Stuart Hayes and Julie Dibens.

It was during this period of intense training and racing that he became British Universities Triathlon Champion, came 11th at the World Student Games and set his PB for the Olympic Distance at 1:49:52.

Paul Racing
2009: Paul races at the mighty 20km Rottnest Channel Swim. See larger version.

Whilst studying for his Sports Science Degree, Paul discovered his real passion for teaching and coaching, finding that he loved sharing his knowledge with friends and training partners.

After graduating Paul began full time swimming and triathlon coaching in Australia, becoming Head Coach to Western Australia's largest triathlon club. Later he teamed up with Olympic Gold Medallist Bill Kirby at his swim school and in 2004 launched Swim Smooth with the ground breaking Freestyle Technique DVD 'Clean Up Your Stroke'.

The knowledge and techniques that Paul spreads through Swim Smooth were developed through one to one coaching of over 5000 swimmers and many hundreds more in his triathlon and swimming squads.

Paul is proud that this quest for greater insight and better techniques is on-going. In fact he and the rest of the Swim Smooth team have some great new material under development which is soon to be launched - watch this space!

Paul continues to coach his swimming and triathlon squads in the idyllic location of Perth, Western Australia. He takes significant time out to mentor other swimming coaches and learn from their perspectives and their experiences. To expand and accelerate this, Swim Smooth operate their Coaches Network which is open to any coach or prospective coach anywhere in the world.

The continued development of Swim Smooth is a great passion of his and he is regularly seen travelling the globe to run Swim Smooth Clinics.

Paul Racing
If you are ever in Perth, Western Australia, come and say hi and swim with one of our squads (it's always a good idea to send us an email first to let us know you're coming).
Or for the ultimate stroke-improvement experience, book a 1 to 1 with one of the Swim Smooth coaches.

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Did You Know?

Paul appeared on the Christmas edition of UK television's dating game show "Blind Date", wearing nothing more than a Speedo skinsuit!

Blind Date

This episode grossed a record 20 million viewers in the UK.

Luckily, Paul was out of the country when it was broadcast.

Paul is blissfully married to Swim Smooth's beautiful physio Michelle and they have just had their first child, baby Jackson. Yay! =)