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International Shipping

Fast and Great-Value Shipping To Anywhere In The World

Swim Smooth is based in The UK and Australia. We choose to ship our products from the UK
because the UK postal service is fast and great value shipping to the rest of the world.

Typical delivery times are:

The UK: 2-5 days*
United States and Canada: 7-10 days*
EU Europe: 3-7 days*
Australia / New Zealand: 10-15 days*
Asia: 10-21 days *

(Often we're faster than domestic postage within The United States and Canada!)

*These are typical delivery times which we work very hard to achieve for you. They assume a normal smooth ride through your local customs service. Due to the unlikely event of a delay, we must allow 28 days before a claim is made against the suspected loss of a parcel.

In the very unlikely event we cannot ship next day we will inform you immediately by email.

Over the last 5 years we've shipped thousands of packages to our customers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. We've never had a lost parcel yet or suffered a long delay in delivery. You can order from us secure in that knowledge.

If you have any problems or questions about your order, please contact our sales team.

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Just in case, you're always covered by our money back guarantee if you're not entirely satisfied with our service.
(Details in our T+Cs)

Swim Smooth Terms and Conditions

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Our shipping charges are passed onto you at cost price.

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"When I had to contact you about a damaged product I was not sure what to expect. I could not have conceived that you would contact me so quickly, or that you would have acted so quickly to correct the problem. I got the replacement DVD yesterday. I have not yet watched the parts I missed before, but I'm already impressed with your idea of customer service. I have never been this quickly satisfied by any company."

Ed Mallahan, New York