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Swim Smooth: All About Freestyle Stroke Technique

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Presentations About Mr Smooth's Stroke: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Swim Smooth is an innovative swim coaching company.

Our specialism are two fold:

1) Our unique insight allows coaches to individualise their coaching much more fully to an individual swimmer's stroke technique needs.

2) We are able to help any swimmer of any ability or background, from an adult learning to swim to elite swimmers.

We operate a coach's network on our forum. Through the network we exchange knowledge and coaching experiences for everyone's mutual benefit. It's free to join! If you are a coach or a prospective coach, apply here.

Our blog, Feel For The Water is filled with swimming technique tips and coaching techniques every week. Make sure you join and tick the box to tell us you're a coach.

By now you should have seen our animated swimmer, Mr Smooth, above. But have you taken a look at our Mr Smooth Pro Console? It's designed for use by coaches - enhance your communication ability with this extremely powerful tool. Let your swimmers understand great swimming technique today!

One article on this site you won't want to escape you: The Swim Smooth Stroke Hierarchy. The hierarchy explains what priority order you should fix stroke technique issues. Neat!

As an advanced swimmer, coaching companies don't tailor to your needs right? Wrong! We do.

We work with advanced and elite level swimmers and triathletes every day in our squad system. We have real expertise in helping you move the needle with your swim speed.

We have an technique advice section especially for you. Need to tidy up your stroke? Our Swim Smooth DVD boxset it includes all the advanced methods you need to tune up your stroke and increase your feel for the water. You'll also be brought bang up to date with the latest in stroke technique information.

Don't miss our key articles on stroke rate and feel for the water. They're straight out of the elite swimming world and might well get you to re-consider some old concepts.

Any shoulder injury niggles? It could be down to your stroke technique. Don't miss this article.

We have also developed advanced-level versions of our unique waterproof training plans which will break the monotony of swim training for you.
Developed specifically for your needs they'll challenge and motivate you.

One more unmissable article: you may be good but you can always be faster!

Are you a swimmer or triathlete who wants to become more efficient? Do you feel as if you have plateaued with your swimming and are no longer making progress?

If so, you've come to the right place! Swim Smooth specialise in helping swimmers improve their stroke technique and train correctly.

Our Know-How for Intermediate Swimmers is going to be a great resource for you - and it's right here on this website. Check out the high quality free articles answering your questions on how to improve your swimming technique.

Don't miss:

all about breathing
importance of body roll
kicking technique
rhythm & timing
triathlon & OW swimming
fixing shoulder injury 

You'll soon see there's a lot more to us than Mr Smooth!

Three things you should know about us:

1) We pride ourselves on tailoring our coaching to your individual stroke technique needs.

2) We don't believe in a technique only approach. Strike the best balance between training and technique for great results.

3) We have strong ideas but we're not dogmatic - we have a free-thinking, open minded approach.

Welcome to Swim Smooth!

Is your dream to swim freestyle, cruising up and down the pool with great stroke technique?

At Swim Smooth, we know that anyone can, with the right help.

Allow us to show you how best to learn the stroke. Step by step we'll help you overcome any anxiety you might have.

Check out our inspirational Learn To Swim Program. It's an amazing way to learn freestyle - different from anything else out there.

We use some great methods to help overcome anxiety and learning to relax with your face in the water. Relaxation is such a key part of good freestyle swimming technique!

Also take a look at our Know How For Beginners section here on this website. Take a read and try out the ideas the next time you are in the pool.

Swimming good freestyle is an amazing experience - something everyone should be able to have. With our advice and techniques you'll soon be swimming gracefully in the water with a very effective swimming technique.

Swim Smooth DVD Boxset

4 years in development. Everything you need to transform your swimming. Awesome value.

Learn To Swim Freestyle

Our new DVD for novice swimmers wanting to learn the freestyle stroke from scratch. Learn the basics of the stroke and how to overcome fear of the water with our simple 10 Step Process.

The Wetronome Stroke Rate Tool

Take control of your swimming technique using this simple but super-effective tool. Set your desired stroke rate and swim to the beep. Will you set a PB on the very first swim?

PT Paddles

A very different sort of swim paddle. Acts to remove the catch from your hand so that you learn to engage your forearm. When you remove the paddles - voila - an improved catch!

SS Training Programs

Follow one of our 8-10 week programs and see the improvements come flooding in! The perfect balance between technique and fitness work all packaged into a neat waterproof booklet to take poolside. Awesome.

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