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From absolute beginners to elite athletes. Critical reviews and swimming experts. Find out what people are saying about us:

siteSwim Types Review

Finally a thought out system for learning the freestyle. One approach does not work for everyone and the Swim Types system is a perfect example of that. Read the full review on the Swimator Blog

siteCritical Review: DVD Boxset

TransitionTimesAuthor and guru swim coach, Matt Luebbers, has rated the Swim Smooth DVD box set as 5-stars and claims the DVD is "a must-have item for triathletes, freestyle swimmers, and any coach that works with those athletes". Read the full review here.

Matt Luebbers, Author and Guru Swim Coach, swimming.about.com

siteCritical Review: DVD Boxset

TransitionTimesI've seen other DVD training tools in the past, many of which I found difficult to translate from the screen to a useful resource. Swim Smooth is different. This set effectiviely bridges the gap between theory and practical application, giving the viewer strong visuals on the proper technique, and how using these techniques will make you a faster and more efficient swimmer. Pick up your copy before everyone else in your age group does!

Transition Times Website

siteCritical Review: DVD Boxset

The amount and detail of information provided in this system makes it worth the price. If you aren't part of a Masters swim program, then this system is a must.

Paul Lieto, founder of trifuel.com

siteCritical Review: DVD Boxset

Swimming World MagazineThe Three DVD Collection called Swim Smooth is a very good freestyle instructional series for the adult swimmer or triathlete who never benefited from competitive coaching. I would recommend Swim Smooth for the triathlete who is serious about developing a training program on his or her own without the benefit of a regular, experienced coach.

Brent Rutemiller, Publisher, Swimming World Magazine

siteCritical Review: DVD Boxset

Extremely comprehensive and easy to learn from...

Fantastic! An excellent resource for any swimmer!

Naantali Marshall (Surf Ironman Guru)
and Australian Triathlon & Multi-Sport Magazine's Swimming Contributor

siteCritical Review: DVD Boxset

Swim Teachers Association, UK

I found the dvd easy to watch and understand and it has given me an even greater incentive to swim and assisted me greatly in improving my front crawl!

Lorraine Hewitt, winner of the Swim Smooth DVD promotion at the London Triathlon 2005

smoothMr Smooth Review

This a great way of closely watching freestyle stroke, rotation, kick breathing, pull, push techniques from 6-7 different angles.... Great job from swimsmooth.com for making this thing so easy....You guys rock!


smoothCoaching Review

I've had a great season this year and I put that down to the long term consistency and support of a few key people. Paul is without doubt one of those people, his belief in my ability and consistent support and advice over the last 8 years have been totally invaluable. Thanks Paul you're a star!!

Harry Wiltshire, World Student Games Championsmooth

smoothMr Smooth Review

I think the Mr Smooth animation is brilliant. I love the fact that you can slow it down and watch it from different angles. In fact that and the Intermediate Presentation achieved in about 5 minutes what months of wading through swim threads couldn't - the realisation that I am gliding too much and have a 'dead spot'. It's blindingly obvious when I watch Mr Smooth that my arms aren't doing the same as his!

Barnetrose, TriTalk Forum

smoothMr Smooth Review

Dude, they gotta stop mimicing my swim stroke for a profit. First Micheal Phelps mimics my swim stroke, and now this. When will it end?

Trithis73, dctriclub.org

siteWebsite Review

Your website is easily one of the best I've ever come across, not just sport related websites, but all websites!

Ronan Kearney, Email

siteDVD Boxset Review

I have watched TI videos and read the books but the first time my swimming improved in 5 years was after buying the SwimSmooth DVD. (And that is a free unbiased plug).

Brian New - BTA Level 3 coach, tutor & assessor, UKsite

smoothMr Smooth Review

Mr Smooth is spot on (or even younger in life - I make my 8 & 10 yr old sons watch it b4 their squad). It seems to optimize a bunch of theories and it supports a variety of body types and stroke rates - and obviously this makes it even better for tri swimmers who are not all albatross built for Olympic 1500's.

Velvetparlour, Swim Smooth Forum

siteDVD Boxset Review

I thought I'd drop you a line as per the swim program. I was really struggling with swimming in my triathlons. I couldn't swim around 21 months ago, and all last season was not comfortable in the water, so invested in your DVD (and a few books). I started with the Novice one, and although wasn't swimming 3 times a week as I think is necessary now, my time for 400M improved from 7:57 to 7:35. I am well impressed with this. Not only am I swimming faster times, but feel 100% more comfortable in the water, and am able to cruise at a faster pace now. If only they did a DVD like this for running!

Mark Kavanagh, UK

smoothCoaching Review

I would just like to thank you for teaching me how to swim... apart from the health benefits,(I seek out ways to do some form of exercise each day), you should have seen the thrilled look on my thirteen year old son's face when I fronted up unannounced for the Dads vs. Sons Water Polo game a few weeks ago! The score 4 dunks to 1 (I waited till the end).

David Todd.

smoothMr Smooth Review

I took 1:15 off my 400m!!! Now, do bare in mind, my TT for 400 2 weeks ago was 10 mins (see my Bedford/MK 1500 results ).

Yesterday after using the visualisation, I got my 1500 down to 33:54 and my 400 down to 8:44!

Still not fast, but jeez, you got to say, that's a massive improvment! Some of it sheer determination granted, but I visualised the stroke the whole way and that was the result, can't say much more than that but it gets the thumbs up. If I can transfer it to open water I shall be practically wetting meself!

Mrs Slacko, TriTalk Forum

siteDVD Boxset Review

My name is Scott and I competed in an Xterra triathlon in Moab UT in 2005. I was the lucky winner of your Swim Smooth DVD. All I can say is that this DVD and training CD are fantastic!!! My only regret is not fully getting familar and using all the great coaching tips before now. I just plugged away with training the way I always have and did not take advantage of this prize. I will not make that mistake while training through the winter and spring. I plan to talk with the local swimming coaches who I train with at the local community center and tell them how they need to get this for their teams to view and use. Thanks again. I am really looking forward to my swimming in the upcoming years because of what I can learn from your DVDs and CD.

J. Scott Marr

smoothMr Smooth Review

Mr. Smooth is incredible! I'm a beginner who may have just crossed over to intermediate after reading and watching his smooth moves. =)

Swimma, Swim Smooth Forum

siteDVD Boxset Review

Well, I had my swim time trial last night and it went way better than I ever would have expected. In case you don't remember my last time was 18:19, so I thought if I could do in the mid 17's I would be happy. Took the whole 1km as hard as I possibly could, something that I am only just learning how to do in the swim - to be able to go out hard but not so hard that I blow up mid way through. Ended up with a time of 16:31 and I couldn't believe it - still can't to tell you the truth! I also have to say a big thank you to you once again, as I have no doubt that rewatching the Swim Smooth DVD a few times has really helped me focus in on the areas that I need to improve!!

Clinton Doak, Perth, Australia

Training Plan Review

Bloody hell Paul..the CD-ROM is quality. I have it here in work so just had a look. I must admit your product is top notch...I'll print it all off now. The pace sheet is extremely handy...excellent product I must say.

Stewart McMahon, London, UK

siteDVD Boxset Review

I improved instantly after just watching a few of the drills!!!

Becky Wright, Birmingham, UK

siteDVD Boxset Review

Paul, your DVD does an excellent job at fixing problems, that probably was one of your aims right? By showing clips of average swimmers having flaws, and by teaching drills on how to get rid of those flaws, people can recognise themselves, and target the best drills for them... I recommend your DVD, with no hesitation!

Charles Gaston-Couturier, great open water swimmer and coach, Montreal

siteDVD Boxset Review

After a quick viewing (of the DVD) have already learnt some excellent tips (have been doing tris for a few years now). Looking forward to my next pool session! Cheers!

Eddie Taia, Auckland, New Zealand

smoothCoaching Review

Hi Paul,

Hope you are well. Just to update you on progress since Lucy and I attended your clinic in Batley at the end of March. Lucy has managed to knock 2 seconds off her 100 free time and is now down from 1.07 to 1.05 - a big improvement since she had been stuck on 1.07 for a year. She is due to do a 400 free in a couple of weeks so is hoping to get way under 5 minutes. Also her 100 Fly time has come down fom 1.20 to 1.16. Still not brilliant but much better.

Please let me know when you are next in the area and if you may have any time for a one to one. Thanks again for your help.

Janet, UK

siteDVD Boxset Review

Just finished watching the DVD and its awesome, it really helps to go home and watch the drills and visualize what to do!

Cale, highly talented junior triathlete, Perth

siteDVD Boxset Review

I love the DVD and I refer to it every time before I go to the pool!

Ricardo Murillo, Texas

siteDVD Boxset Review

After seeing the Swim Smooth DVD, I realized it be would extremely beneficial to all the adults and kids I coach. This DVD is easy for the beginner to understand and informative for all levels of racing. I have been a triathlete for over 20 years and I picked up a lot of important pointers. It has great visuals as well! Thanks ! Now let's just make the swim longer!

Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer, Triathlon World Champion in the 45-49 age division in 2003. An All American swimmer who has been coaching and teaching swimming for many years

siteDVD Boxset Review

G'day Paul. Awesome DVD mate. It has really helped my stroke correction and I can already feel myself being more "slick" through the water. Cheers.

Andrew Riley, highly talented junior triathlete, Perth

smoothCoaching Review

Last summer I swam the relay leg of the salford triathlon, 750metres in seventeen minutes. Between event nerves and, I see now, poor technique, I was exhausted coming out of the water. I attended a session with Paul in Bolton, last September and practised the drills through the winter. Last weekend, March 23rd as part of national swimathon, I completed 5km in 0ne hour, thirty seven minutes and still felt quite strong at the end. I am enjoying my swimming now more than ever. Pauls enthusiasm was infectious and his obvious interest in my improvement, despite me being no spring chicken and carrying a fair bit of "timber", was really encouraging.

Barry, Bolton, UK

smoothMr Smooth Review

This was really what I was looking for, it's great!

Bobinator, US Masters Swimming Forum

sitesiteWebsite & DVD Boxset Review

Just looking at your website. Really enjoying your DVD's, as a triathlon coach and coming from a non-swimming background it has un-earthed some answers to a few questions I had. Thanks, James.

James Beckinsale M.Sc, Director Optima Training Systems

siteDVD Boxset Review

I saw the DVD and it was awesome. I have a big race coming up this weekend, and I've been trying to visualize and incorporate the things that I have picked up from it so far. Thanks for writing I am so happy that we met.

Ani, elite triathlete, Phillipines

siteDVD Boxset Review

I've found my swim stroke's already improved in just a week of watching your DVD...

Danielle Costley, good age-group triathlete, Perth

smoothMr Smooth Review

Mr Smooth is the greatest swimming animation I've ever seen ! A totally new way to describe swimming motion at any angle or speed.

Camy, Swim Smooth Forum

smoothCoaching Review

Say Paul...

I did my second workout last evening, keeping in mind the stroke and the pull thru under the elbow from Sunday. It suddenly dawned on me why you made such a point about my deep hand entry from the video I sent you - but at the same time staying positive in your critique about the benefits of such a stroke for open water swimming. By driving my hand into the water at such a depth before the actual catch starts, I am losing so much potential pull -- now I get it!! What a revelation.... Thannnnk yooooo..... onward to smoother swimming.....

Harry Christie, USA

siteDVD Boxset Review

I couldn't swim 10 metres before buying your DVD! I'm determined to be able to swim 1500 metres freestyle by the spring of next year.

Jim Jeffry, beginner triathlete, West London

smoothMr Smooth Review

...an amazing tool for visualizing all of the verbal instruction we hear but that is so hard to see someone else do in the water.


siteWebsite Review

Thank you so much for the wonderful tips on swimming that I'm receiving. I am 60 years old and thought I knew how to swim. My husband and I have started going to a pool for some dearly needed exercise but he doesn't know how to swim. I didn't want to teach him the wrong way, so I got on the internet; what a learning tool! I've learned so much! I keep my head up out of the water--and I don't roll smoothly! That created a lot of pain in my neck and back. We'll go to the pool on thursday ( I can't wait ) and I'll put into practise all that I've learned. My husband and I will also practise our breathing--that was a huge lesson to learn. Thank you again. Donna

Donna Nicholson

smoothMr Smooth Review

I downloaded the app yesterday and watched it from the various angles last night. This morning at Masters Swim told my coach about the program.

Then began the workout keeping the animation in mind. After the workout was told today was best my stroke mechanics had looked in a long long time.

Thanks for the app and have forwarded the link on to my coach.

Thanks Again.

tx7 in Houston, Slowtwitch Forum

smoothMr Smooth Review

Paul - as a former age group national champion, AA, long time swimmer, and tri coach I have to congratulate you on what you've done with "Mr. Smooth." I have no idea what your resume is (don't care) but as someone who has spent countless house helping swimmers understand a proper catch and high elbow, I can say you've nailed it. I am sharing your site with everyone I know. thanks for the excellent work. even more so, thanks for sharing it so freely.


smoothClinic Review

Hello Paul,

Did a swim session today at lunchtime. With your help I can now clock 1:52 for 100m - prior to your session I've been stuck for weeks at 2:05. No issues with the shoulder today and I did push it quite hard, so it looks like you've fixed that problem as well. So I'm really pleased. My next target is to keep working on my technique and get my time down to 1:40 for 100m.

Cheers, Andrew Green, UK.

siteDVD Boxset Review

You make learning insightful, straightforward and even fun. Most importantly I know what I have got to do to fix my stroke!

Maeve Cahill, beginner triathlete, Belfast

siteDVD Boxset Review

I was really impressed with the DVD and it has really helped me get back into swimming. In fact, my 12 year old daughter also found the DVD very useful and both of us have now joined our local Triathlon Club, South London Harriers. I found the DVD easy to watch and understand and it has given me an even greater incentive to swim and assisted me greatly in improving my front crawl, in particular the breathing aspect of the stroke.

Lorraine Hewett, national-level Masters swimmer, London

siteDVD Boxset Review

I'm sure that each time I'll watch it again, I'll discover new things as it happens whenever a video, even if plain and fluent, is rich of solid things.

1st thing. It's always interesting to fix some firm points, and here I've discovered, starting from important anatomical knowledge, that the thumb never enters water first, and the hand never enters crossing the body center line: in my opinion 1st thing to learn/teach.

2nd thing. Bilateral breathing: they always say that swimming is a perfect sport, but there some risks in the free style too, if you don't stimulate your body bilaterally (muscles, bones and lungs). You have the courage to face that argument, that most people, me too, prefer to forget for habits are hard to die. Your weapon as to swimming lovers is underlining, rightly, that only that way you arrive to a symmetrical rolling.

3rd thing. How to breathe, how to reach, to catch, to pull. Very interesting drills on catching (hand on swimming board) and on one hand swimming.

4th thing. Kirby. Effectively he is like a background, like sun in a cloudy day. It's a very good thing to have such a swimming performer continuously under your eyes: he inspire you. My impression is that he swims like a whale, that always swims relaxed notwithstanding its enormous power. All the other swimmers in the video, compared with him, result to be more or less rigid (not completely relaxed) and seem to have less time to do the right things at the right times.

5th thing. Open sea swimming: a discover! how funny, how interesting!

Silvano Covelli, Saronno, Italy

smoothClinic Feedback

I just thought I'd write you an email mostly to say thanks and update you on my progress because I've just completed my first triathlon!! I can't believe it - I'm so happy!

After you came to Belfast the last time for the refresher course my swimming just picked up so much - I went from barely being able to swim 4 lengths non-stop to doing a 1k time trial at the Monday session a few weeks later. I did the club aquathon back in April and I don't think I've ever been so nervous about anything in my life. The swim was 400m and it took me 8mins 24 which wasn't amazing by most standards but it was for me and it just helped my confidence so much!!

Yesterday at the sprint triathlon I checked my watch as I got out of the pool and I did the 750m in about 15 mins 50 although the timing mat was just before the bike transition so my time was a little longer with that included. It felt so much better than the aquathon swim because I was panicking less.

There's still a long, long way to go but now that I know I can complete a triathlon I really want to work on being faster. My time yesterday was 1hr 27.55 so I can definitely improve on that. But honestly I just couldn't have imagined being able to complete a triathlon this time last year - my swimming was just so weak it seemed impossible and if it hadn't been for the Swim Smooth course I know I wouldn't have been able to do it so thanks so much!!

All the best Barbara Walshe, Belfast.

siteDVD Boxset Review

Hi Paul, I have a Swim Smooth story for you. Although I got your DVD and schedule about a year ago, I had never actually worked through the 24 session program (for a combination of reasons). I had done specific sessions from the program or had started the program and not got fully through it. But this spring I decided to test your program. I set aside nine weeks (there were a couple of weeks where I only did two sessions) and followed the program exactly.

I did the Novice program since I was just coming back from a major lay-off due to illness, but I had built up a swimming base before I started your program. I did 7:26 for the 400m TT in session #1, which for me was a good performance. So I had set a good benchmark to try and beat.

Anyway, I did the final TT test last night. I felt crappy at the start of the session (tired and unsmooth in the water). I almost didn’t start the TT because I felt so bad, but thought “what the heck” I can repeat the TT again next week if I fail during the TT. Anyway off I went and my time: 7:04!!! That’s a 5% improvement in 9 weeks. I was stoked. I am sure if I went into the session fresh, I would have gone under 7 minutes. I know these times aren’t great, but for me this is very fast.

And the real highlight, after I finished the TT the very attractive young female in the lane next to me said: “you look fast in the water”…. And that ego boost was worth much more than my time improvement!

Rob Newman, Investment Director – IIF, Foundation Capital,
good age-group triathlete, Perth.

siteDVD Boxset Review

Great to see the man behind the DVD at the London Tri. And thanks for the (Wetronome) cap. The six people whom bought the DVD also think its brilliant too. Have to say again that the DVD was brilliant. It broke everything down into logical understandable elements to break down the freestyle stroke with absolutely no fluff and waste.

I know it works because I followed it to a tee – I could swim 17 meters in September 04 and was grabbing the side of the pool as I gasped for air. On 7th August 05 I completed the 1500m at the London Triathlon in a very respectable 26.02 min- I was over the moon!

I was always told that the swim was just the transition to the bike - not true, I have found that my strong swim and strong run more than made up for the slightly weaker event, the bike. This has got to be because of the improvements.

Jonathan Lee, good age-group triathlete, South Wales

smoothMr Smooth Review

I am a triathlete and am really slow on the swim. I can't tell you how much I love the Mr. Smooth Console. In just two weeks, I have significantly improved my stroke. I have taken 30 secs off my 100m time! Through the articles on your website and watching Mr. Smooth in slow motion and at various angles, I found the dead spots in my stroke and was able to remove them!

I have hired coaches several times and they all said that I needed to work on my kick and make it stronger. Not so, with my improvements in my stroke from watching Mr. Smooth, I am almost as fast while swimming without a pull buoy as I am with it. This proves to me that it is the stroke changes I made and not my kick that made the difference in speed. I still need to work on my kick because sometimes I have a scissor kick, but I know from reading your articles that this comes from balance more than anything.

I have told all of my training group about Swim Smoth.com and have just ordered the DVD boxset so that I can obtain the open water drills and training plans. I hope to take the open water drills out to the lake and try them out with my training group. I can't wait to see if my swim time is better at my next race!

Thank you for providing the website with the free console, articles, and forum.

This may be the best thing that has happened to my training this year.

Lori DeMauro, Feedback Email

siteDVD Boxset Review

Great DVD. The best swim DVD I have.

Scott Peters, Canada

sitesmoothClinic & DVD Review

I've done 3 swim workouts this past week and continue to be amazed at the positive improvement in my swimming as a result of your Clinic and DVD. Swimming feels so much more efficient, and comfortable, now.

Ted Rosen, Toronto

smoothCoaching Review

Hi Paul, it worked! Thanks again for today, appreciate how positive you were and really managed to get a lot across while not overwhelming me....I'm really excited about getting in the pool! Look forward to working with you!

Have a great trip and I'll see you when you get back!

Cheryl, Canada

siteDVD Boxset Review

I've looked at all the discs and printed out the drills as well. Looks fabulous!! Thank You!

Elaine, good age-Group triathlete, Texas

smoothMr Smooth Review

Mr Smooth has saved me from swimming frustration.

Last year I was consistently swimming 5.45 to 5.50/400s but this year did only 1 sub 6 min swim before Roth.

After a bit of reading and Mr Smooth, I did a steady 400m TT after a swim interval session and cruised 5.40 with relative ease.

Reckon I will be under 5.30 by end of summer hols

TTowel, TriTalk Forum

smoothClinic Feedback

Hi Paul,

Just thought I'd give you a quick update on my progress since your course. You probably remember that I wrote to you the following week (I see the quote is now on your site!) to say that during a swim club session as part of a set of repeats I'd done a 3:03 200m and 1:24, 1:22 for 2x100m. Well several weeks later, after a 300m mixed stroke warm-up we did a first 500m set of 200/150/100/50. I decided to cruise the 150 and 50 and push on the 200 and 100, I was amazed to find that I hit 2:55 for the 200 then 1:19 for the 100 ie significantly better than I'd ever achieved. The next 500m set was 5x 100 as hard/easy/hard/easy/hard, and I got proof that the previous set wasn't a fluke. My 3 hard 100s were 1:17, 1:18, 1:17, much to my amazement. My only problem is that I can't pinpoint exactly what I did to get the improvement but hopefully it's just the results of concentrating hard on some of the simple pointers and drills that you gave me from the course.

I hope the success of Swim Smooth continues unabated. I'm sure that this will happen given my experience in Chester and the many glowing testimonials you've received from your clinics. Hopefully I'll get chance to attend a refresher course in the future. keep up the good work.

Steve Holloway, UK

siteDVD Boxset Review

I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your Swim Smooth video. I only recently started taking my swimming training seriously as part of my triathlon program and your video has done wonders for my stroke. After two weeks of watching your video I took off an average of 15 seconds per set for my 3 x 300m test set that I conduct once a month.

Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, University of Vermont

siteDVD Boxset Review

Well, what can I say "Awesome, a great watch. Really enjoyed it!" Being from a non swimming background I have found it very interesting and I now understand the meaning and importance of drills. I just thought it was my coaches way of making me look a fool before I start to the swim session! I am planning on watching it over and over again, as I think its going to be a great help.

Joanne Bailey, Miami, QLD

siteDVD Boxset Review

It's kind of cheating writing to you before I finish the program. I've only done 20 of the sessions, but my first race of the season happened over the weekend.

So, where am I? Last year I was usually leaving the water in the bottom third of all of the swimmers. (Top part of that third, but bottom third none the less.)

I finished my race in the top third! (Bottom of the top, but top third!) I figure I had about 150 people that I didn't have to try to pass while biking and running. For the first time I swam in the pack. Usually I'm off on my own, waiting for the next wave to swim over me. Now I get to enjoy the kicks and slaps for the entire swim. Hmmm...

Well anyway, Thanks so much!

Ed Mallahan, Oyster Bay, New York, USA

siteDVD Boxset Review

The DVD has been great and I noticed improvements with my swimming after only one workout!

Paul Boston, Toronto

siteDVD Boxset Review

I have had the DVDs for 3 days and have watched them no fewer than 4 times. The quality is good and format is ergonomic and informative. The information you offer, and the manner in which you deliver this information makes the entire set worth every penny I paid. You have taken a complex subject and refined it to a point that even a swimming neophyte can assimilate what you have offered and implement it directly into their training.

I was pleased to see that there were no fillers or wasted time. The DVD is packed with information from start to finish. I have only glanced at the bonus DVD but will get to that soon. I went down to the pool yesterday and must say that to swim correctly is taxing at first, and the sculling drill is a killer. I wanted to focus on my body roll and my catch and pull. I used several of the drills mentioned for the body roll and immediately found an improvement in my stroke.

I realised how unfit I was and need to get that sorted ASAP. As to the drills and information you have offered, I cannot thank you enough. My stroke has already improved and that was after a single session. Wait until after 3-4 weeks! I have already served notice on the girlfriend that I am going to beat her come February!

A final thing I would like to add is a thank you to you and Peter [from Wetronome] for the remarkable service you have afforded me. There were hiccups initially [with the postage] but they were dealt with in a manner I found professional and courteous. You have gained a customer for life.

Clinton Nourse, first time Ironman athlete, South Africa

siteDVD Boxset Review

I watched your DVD last night and am glad I bought it as it jogs my memory about the drills and it will, I'm sure, keep me motivated over the winter.
...actually I can't thank you enough as I thought I could never feel this positive and enthusiastic about my swimming.

Jackie Colby, beginner triathlete, West London

siteDVD Boxset Review

I got your DVD yesterday. Great stuff! I will apply it asap to my swim training! Cheers.

Petr Vabrousek, Professional Ironman Athlete, Czech Republic

smoothCoaching Review

Now if ever you had an opportunity to convert a non-swimmer into one of your success stories, it would have to be me.

You may recall you gave me a single swim lesson in about July last year when my swimming went from zero to IM (and a respectable 79 minutes) that enabled me to finish in 10.30 and 2nd in M50.

Bob de la Motte.

smoothsiteCoaching and DVD Boxset Review

Well, now, that is what I call a fast response - thank you! You got me so fired up, I just wish I could put on the suit and hit the lane to begin working on my technique. I truly appreciate your constructive and informative comments so quickly. I am not a competitive swimmer, Paul, but I do enjoy the feel of the water and pulling through it.
Again, many thanks.

Harry Christie, California

siteDVD Boxset Review

I have watched the DVD several times and I'm in no doubt that it has helped me to pick up on a number of aspects on my stroke - it's well worth the money! I have found the advice given on the DVD and your emailed response to the video session conducted by Doug very helpful. Correcting the 'cross-over' of my arms during the 'hand entry' phase of the stroke has, I feel, vastly improved my stroke in terms of efficiency through the water. This has also been encourgaed through improved body roll which again has been improved by correcting the hand entry. Thanks again for the invaluable advice.

Willie Tullock, Aberdeen, Scotland

smoothCoaching Review

I did a one-on-one clinic with Paul three years ago, and it was a superior experience -- vastly better than any other swim clinic I have attended. His main DVD sets are great as well, so whatever he has up there on the new website is certain to be top-notch!

Steve Bradley, Beginner Triathlete Forum

smoothMr Smooth Review

I have just been on the Swim Smooth Site. I just downloaded their desktop appliction amazing stuff from them.

Geochuck, US Masters Swimming Forum

smoothCoaching Review

In the 3 months that Paul has coached me at the Christchurch pool, my swimming has benefited in a significantly greater way than under any other coach. He takes a systematic and personalized approach to his coaching that has excellence at its cornerstone. His enthusiasm for his craft infects his students. As a result of that my view is that Paul is an exceptional swimming coach.

Tony Van Merwyk, Partner in the law firm Freehills, Australia.

smoothMr Smooth Review

+1 for more thanks from another appreciative camper. I've taken lessons from 3-4 other folks in the past, and haven't "gotten it" quite as much as I have by both reading the articles on your site and visualizing Mr. Smooth's animation while I swim.

Satmark, Slowtwitch

smoothMr Smooth Review

Awesome, great idea !! Fantastic innovation !! Many many congrats !!

Solar Energy, TriTalk Forum

siteDVD Boxset Review

Your DVD and coaching has enabled me to go from no laps to coming 3rd in my first triathlon in a few weeks. I'm not exaggerating when I say that could not swim freestyle at all. I've only ever been able to swim breaststroke and badly at that. I've always been able to ride and run pretty quick but the swim scared the crap out of me. Now I can't wait to jump in and totally av it!
Can't wait to get back in the pool and sort out my breathing issue, yeah I got it "breathe-bubble bubble breathe!"
Anyway, all good stuff, consider me a walking swimsmooth advert from now on and I'll certainly be up for any further coaching you have on offer.

Vince Kamp, beginner triathlete, London

siteDVD Boxset Review

The only time my swim improved was when I also got hold of the Swim Smooth DVD!

Becky Wright, Birmingham, UK

siteTraining Plan & DVD Review

The swimming is going great and I have been using your workouts and drills 1-2x per week with my athletes along with my own sessions with great results.

Coach Rob, Critical Speed Coaching

siteDVD Boxset Review

I have watched your video over and over every time I watch it I get someithing out of it. And I improve on something. It takes lot of Practise and a lot of drills to master free style swimming. I am a great runner and biker but when it comes to swimming I have no clue. Thats why I got your video it is the best investment since I started doing triathlons. I wish I had the smoothness of the olympic swimmer in your video. I still look like I am doing everything wrong but maybe one day it will come together.

Brian Zeidman Aventura Florida

siteDVD Boxset Review

I thought I would let you know that I have been making loads of progress since my session with you in Edinburgh and watching the DVD. To my own amazement I am now swimming every morning before work when before I only swam once or twice a week. So thank you for inspiring me - I can't believe how much I am enjoying it now that I have some guidance and direction!

Katrina Brown, beginner triathlete, Edinburgh



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