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The Wetronome Mk2

A revolutionary tool - take control of your swimming technique

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The Wetronome is an amazing little tool with the power to transform your swimming by improving your stroke technique and improving your pacing skills. The Wetronome is doing to swimming what heart rate monitors did to running in the 80s and power meters are now doing to cycling: NOTHING SHORT OF REVOLUTION!

We can't think of any other piece of equipment that gives you so much benefit for the money, for example:

Approximate Olympic Distance Triathlon Time Saving:
Bike:Aero Helmet$150+30 seconds
Bike:Aero Wheels$1000+1-3 minutes
Run:Racing Flats$100+10-20 seconds
Swim:Wetronome Mk2 $85Improved Rhythm & Timing: 1-3 minutes*
Better Pacing Skills: 1-3 minutes*
Fitness Gains From Improved Training Quality: 1-2 mins*

*typical times saved after training consistently with a Wetronome Mk 2

What's more, this little tool isn't a one-hit gain, it will give you ongoing speed benefits to your swimming for years to come.

What Does A Wetronome Do Exactly?

The Wetronome is a match box sized timing device which you wear under your swim cap or goggle strap whilst swimming. The Wetronome beeps either:

In Stroke Rate mode, simply time your strokes to the beep.

Every stroke so you can control your stroke rate accurately. Do this to improve your stroke technique by removing deadspots and pauses from your stroke or to help you lengthen out.

Every lap (or half lap) so you can swim with perfect pacing. Think you already have good pacing? Think again! Most swimmer start out much too fast and then fade - this ruins their race performances and decreases the benefit they get from their training.

Let's find out more:

Mode 1. Lap Interval Mode - Improve Your Pacing Skills and Training Quality

The Wetronome is set using by tapping it with the accompanying magnetic 'wand'.

In Lap Interval Mode you set the Wetronome to a target lap time e.g. an interval of 25 seconds per length. Then you simply pace you swim so that you are at the end of a lap on every beep. The Wetronome is the only way you can comfortably and accurately pace your swimming like this.

The Lap Interval Mode teaches you how to pace your swimming better - which is a key technique to setting your best swimming times, especially over longer distances like 400m, 1500m and 3.8K.

In a race nearly all swimmers and triathletes start much too fast and then fade, swimming slower times overall. If you're used to doing this it feels completely normal; it looks right too because all the other swimmers around you are doing the same thing! Fix this problem straight away by improving your pacing technique using a Wetronome - you will take big chunks off your race times. If you're a triathlete you'll start the bike feeling fresher too!

In swimming, when we talk about technique we tend to mean 'stroke mechanics' but pacing skills are a critical form of technique too. Most normal swimmers don't appreciate that elite distance swimmers have fantastic pacing skills! If you want to improve your swimming, remember this: pacing skills are just as important as stroke technique.

In addition to not fading badly in races, there's another benefit to improved pacing in training - it improves your fitness. This is because pacing your swim sets accurately improves the quality of your training. Don't underestimate this, it can have a major effect.

Watch this example of typical swimmers' pacing, is this how you swim? :

By observing our squads in Perth, Australia, we've seen swimmers achieve significant fitness gains in just a few weeks after switching to Wetronomes to pace their key training sets.

Mode 2. Stroke Rate Mode - Improve Your Rhythm & Timing

The Wetronome is the most effective way available to remove dead spots and pauses from your stroke technique.

These are commonly brought about by technique work focusing too much on gliding.

If you are gliding, we have great news - the Wetronome can break you through to faster swimming.

Set the Wetronome to a given strokes per minute and it beeps perfect stroke timing to you on every stroke. Swim with it under your goggle strap or swim cap and simply focus on timing your strokes to the beeps. You can set your timing against any part of your stroke. We suggest you start off by timing your hand entering the water in front of your head.

(this is the original mode from the Wetronome Mk1)

There are three basic ways to use the Stroke Rate function of the Wetronome:

1) Set it to your current Stroke Rate. This is useful to keep a consistent stroke rate over a longer swim or help even out a lop-sided stroke. It also highlights if you have a poor catch whilst breathing as you'll get ahead of the beep whenever you breathe - fix this common problem right away and swim more economically.

2) Speed up your Stroke Rate slightly. This is useful if you have an overly long stroke - which often happens if you have been focusing on technique only for a while and have hit a plateau. In this situation you are likely to have introduced dead-spots and pauses into your stroke. By raising your stroke rate slightly you can start to remove them. This improves your economy so you can swim faster at the same effort.

3) Slow down your Stroke Rate slightly. This is useful if you have a short slightly scrappy stroke and need to lengthen things out and develop more body roll. Many swimmers struggle to co-ordinate this by themselves. Swimming to the beep of a Wetronome gives you a reference to work to as the slightly slower stroke rate gives you time to lengthen out your stroke technique. If you know you need to lengthen out more but struggle to do it, a Wetronome will work wonders for you.

For more details about developing your stroke technique using stroke rate, check out the full Swim Smooth article - Swimming With Stroke Rate Control.

Wetronome Video Demonstrations of Stroke Rate Control

Stroke rate and length is a bit like gears and cadence on your bike.
!!Warning: Contains Sound.

Watch Paul sync-up his hand-entry to the beep as he starts each lap.
!!Warning: Contains Sound.

Find out how the Wetronome can benefit your running and cycling too.
!!Warning: Contains Sound.

Getting Ready For Open Water Races And Triathlon

A side benefit of the Wetronome is that it gives you confidence you are swimming correctly.

This is particularly useful if you are still developing your swimming or swim by yourself outside of a training squad.

Many swimmers find the Wetronome is of great benefit to develop a more continuous propulsion between the arms. The Wetronome helps you develop this by raising stroke rate slightly in a controlled manner. The reason this is beneficial in open water is that chop, waves and knocks from other swimmers can stall you during pauses in your stroke technique. A slightly shorter, more continuous stroke in open water helps overcome this stalling effect.

This need for more continuous stroke power is the reason why many of the world's best open water swimmers and triathletes have higher stroke rates than pool swimmers.

Other Changes In The Mk2 Version

As well as the lap interval function, the automatic-switch off time has been extended from 1hr to 2hrs 15 minutes. Some Wetronome users fed back to us that they wanted to use the Wetronome in swimming events over an hour.

Like To Test This Out on your waterproof MP3 Player?

If you own a waterproof MP3 player you can now extensively test the benefits of Stroke Rate and Lap Interval training at a very low price using our special MP3 audio tracks. What's more, if you go on to buy a Wetronome we'll discount it by the cost of the MP3 tracks! Find out more here.

Wetronome Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the stroke rate?
The Wetronome is totally sealed and has no buttons or display, which can leak and allow water to damage the electronics. Instead, the user taps the supplied wand on the Wetronome to set the rate and the timing is beeped back audibly.

How do I replace the battery?
You don't. The Wetronome electronics provide years of operation through a patented low-power design. A Wetronome is designed for at least one hour use every day for 3-5 years.

What Range Of Lap Intervals Can The Mk2 Be Set To?

Any time from 10 to 199 seconds which covers all swimming speeds and pool sizes.

If you swim in a 50m pool and have a visible 25m point (like a line on the bottom of the pool) we suggest you set the Wetronome to your half-lap time, so you can time a beep at the half-lap point too.

I Use A Mk1 Wetronome. Does The Lap Interval Timer Change The Stroke Rate Function At All?

No. The designers have left the Stroke Rate feature exactly as it was. To use the Lap Interval Mode, just keep the wand held to the Wetronome for the entire time of flashing and beeping as the Wetronome wakes up.

How do I change from Stroke Rate Mode to Lap Interval Mode, or vice versa?

Simply turn off the Wetronome and then turn it on again in the desired mode (see the previous question). The Wetronome will remember the last stroke rate and interval time you programmed.

Can I use it for other sports?
Although the Wetronome was originally developed for swimmers developing their stroke technique, it is a superb product for any sport requiring a rhythmical, cyclical action, e.g. cycling, running and rowing.

Daisy wasn't much of a swimmer but she wouldn't be seen without her Wetronome.

How do you turn the beeping off?
The Wetronome Mk2 will turn itself off after 2hrs 15mins of operation, or you can simply hold the wand in front of the Wetronome for about four seconds to switch it off.

Can the Wetronome inadvertently be turned on?
Yes, although by attaching the wand to your bag, or 5cm away from the device, it will be fine.

Do I have to set the rate with each use?
No, the Wetronome will remember the last setting between uses. When you wake it up, it will start by beeping the last used stroke rate to you.

Can I hear the beep in a noisy environment?
The volume, duration, and frequency of the beep are suited to the ambient conditions at a public pool. It's loud enough to hear clearly without driving you crazy!

Is the Wetronome Durable?
Very durable. They're built tough, totally sealed to the environment and have no moving parts. They've even survived a 90ºC cycle through a washing machine!

A Wetronome Is Suitable For

All Swim Smooth products come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Any intermediate or advanced swimmer. Use it to improve your pacing, develop your stroke technique, improve your rhythm and timing and prepare for open water racing.

A Wetronome Is Not Suitable For

Complete beginners still learning the stroke.

Our Guarantee

All Swim Smooth products carry our money-back guarantee. We're so confident that a Wetronome will greatly benefit your swimming technique that if you are not entirely satisfied with your Wetronome, return it to us and we will refund you. Simple as that.


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Overview: Wetronome

Description: A timing device that can be set to different stroke rates. Time your stroke to the beep and change your stroke timing.

Totally sealed and no moving parts for durability.

For: Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers

Our Comment: Improve your rhythm and timing with this fantastically versatile tool.

GBP £49 / US $85 / AUS $85
Euro €55 / CAD $88

About our Multi Buy Deals

Wetronome Opinions:

“I got a Wetronome and instantly my swimming motivation has gone through the roof!

It has taken more time off my 400m time, on top of 1½ minutes improvement from technique training.

I'm lovin' it."

Phil Wilson, UK

"Should you buy a Wetronome? Without doubt yes.

You can test where/when your technique starts to break down in a very controlled fashion.

I even used it in races to ensure constant pacing and achieved a PB in one open water race despite setting a conservative stroke rate.

A magic little tool!"

Chris Mallin, UK

"I do regular sessions with the Wetronome to speed up my stroke rate and take the dead spot out of my stroke where I do too much of a catch-up.

It's working, things are gelling together better and I'm making improvements in swimming for the first time in months (possibly years)."

Andy Smith, UK

"Faster Stroke Rate is the key to faster and more efficient open water swims. This reduces the stroke being effected by current, waves, other swimmers etc."

Alun Woodward, Professional Triathlete

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We are unlikely to have any Wetronomes in stock for the forseeable future as the manufacturers have wound-down production. We now recommend the new Finis Tempo Trainer Pro (see here) over the Wetronome.

the new finis tempo trainer pro The Tempo Trainer Pro is a great product: it has all the functionality of the Wetronome, plus it's cheaper and easier to use!

We've been using the Tempo Trainer very successfully out here in Perth with the Swim Smooth squads and we highly recommended them to develop those critical stroke rate and pacing skills.

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